Bobby Duncan

Bobby Duncan

Bob Duncan was a preacher unlike most others. It began with his eagerness in study and his love for the Bible. This, along with a natural ability, prompted his great speaking and teaching ability. As a result, not only was he sought after as a speaker, but his positions on various doctrinal matters were considered by preachers throughout the brotherhood. Bob Duncan's deep, yet easy to follow lessons were distinct, biblical, and conservative. They were extremely powerfully delivered, and the words flowed smoothly from the head (and heart) to the tongue. Brother Duncan preached widely: in local work, in meetings and lectureships, and on television and radio. He never disappointed those who came to hear him speak. In fact, when he was assigned a specific lesson on a certain topic, it would seem his was the benchmark sermon on that subject. The conservative and biblical positions Bob Duncan held, the forthrightness with which he preached, the willingness to take a stand without being mean, the great volume of scripture considered, and the power of the delivery of well-worded statements on the subjects chosen were the earmarks of Robert B. Duncan's preaching. The principle measure of Bob Duncan's preaching success was its effect on others. The church was motivated, instructed, strengthened, and lifted to greater heights by his work. The effect of Bob's preaching is well described by Oliver Goldsmith in a classic poem about a village preacher: "Truth from his lips prevailed with double sway, And fools, who came to scoff, remained to pray." Yes, people were changed by the preaching of Bob Duncan. -Tim Rice-

The Gift of the Holy Ghost” by Bobby Duncan (paperback) Bobby Duncan's Sermon Outlines

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